How It Works

Collect feedback, testimonials, and reviews from your clients. We make it simple for you and your clients.

Rating Page

Step 1: Client Rating

Clients will rate you on a 1-5 star scale using your unique rating page. You can send the link to your rating page via email or text. You control what your rating page says and who receives the link.

Step 2: Valuable Feedback

Clients who rate you 1-3 stars are provided a feedback box. This feedback gives you an opportunity to make vital changes to your business that can help you break through barriers, increase repeat business, and start getting referrals.

Feedback Page

Step 3: Glowing Testimonials

Clients who rate you 4-5 stars are prompted for a testimonial. We'll make providing the testimonial, their name, and a photo to associate with the testimonial easy. You get social proof to use in marketing, proposals, and on your website. You also have the option of pushing clients to your Google Review page. It's one simple step during setup.

Over 90% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when considering a purchase.